oh my god you have SO MANY BOOKS i love your shelves!
thank you! i do have a lot but i have so much more room to grow!

My Bookshelf

So tumblr user kim theravenboys and I are showing each other our bookshelves because that’s what gets us hot and bothered.

Wanna see mine?

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Ygritte Appreciation Week: [Day 3] Favorite Relationship → Jon x Ygritte

I keep seeing these videos with people in bathing suits and t-shirts, tank tops. For me personally, when I bring awarerness to a charity, I prefer a more formal setting, so excuse me…

An unusual habit of showing up at places where people have been brutally murdered.


Jasper Conran

Meredith, i’m not sure how to do this. i’m not a physic. apparently, i’m not much of a banshee either.  b u t   i ’ m   t r y i n g   t o  h e l p   m y   f r i e n d s […] but if i have this thing, it’s got to work some of time.  i t ’ s { g o t }  t o  h e l p  s o m e o n e. maybe what i really wanted to say was

                   i ’ m   s o r  r  y  . i wish i could’ve helped you . i’m sorry.

I believe that you are only in control of so much. So whatever you are not in control of, you can’t worry about.